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‘Alex’ in our brand voices the strong personality within every woman that make heads turn. The brand reflects the strong resilient woman in you.
‘Twenteen’ is an era where a woman is ready to take on the world by the lapels; adorning our attire will make them feel stronger and primed.

Alex Twenteen is an independent fashion brand based out of Mumbai. It is rooted in today’s classy youth oriented culture and lifestyle. By combining innovative design with quality apparel, we strive to create classic and timeless clothing. Flaunt yourselves with modish styles and always stay at the forefront of fashion.

Find the perfect work-life balance even for your wardrobe, as we offer you a selection of work-wear for ‘day to night dressing’.Step out in style to kick back the post-work stress, as each new fashion season brings fresh designs, patterns, and added drama. Our clothes can be paired with dazzling accessories and footwear to add glamour and complete your look.

This one is for the women who are edgy and bold; Oops! that’s all of them.

We Are Redifining The Modern Woman's Casual Wardrobe
With A Defined Collection Of Minimalistic Silhouettes
And Cuts; From Satin And Cotton Bends To Neutral
Shades That Add On To Your Style.
To All The Women Out There.


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